One Billion Reasons Why Brands Should Create TikTok AR Filter Effects [In 2022]

Updated: Jul 21

Brands can now make TikTok Effects and AR Filters
Brands can now make TikTok Effects and AR Filters

Hello! My name’s Paul and I make brilliant AR Filters for brands. You can see (and try) some of them including the new NBA and Beats by Dre ‘Shooting Challenge‘ at All of our client‘s AR Filters are now carbon-positive. Read about how we do that here.

TikTok Effect House

TikTok has (finally) opened up the doors to their Augmented Reality software 'Effect House' allowing any brand to create an AR Effect (AR Filter) on the social network. I've been lucky to be one of the few AR Filter creators to have been given beta-access of #EffectHouse. And now that it's open to the public it means anyone and any brand can create AR Filters on TikTok.

What are TikTok filters? And why letting brands create AR Effects on TIKTOK is a game-changer.

TikTok's rise to glory has been incredible. Thanks to the pandemic millions of people flocked to the platform to either alleviate boredom, learn new skills or promote their own brand or business.

Who is your celebrity twin? TikTok effect
Who is your celebrity twin? TikTok Effect

TikTok is content crack and hours can be quickly lost scrolling thanks to its highly engaging range of personalised video content and its huge suite of creative content tools. One of these are their native TikTok Effects AKA Augmented Reality [AR] Filters.

TikTok Effect House
TikTok Effect House in action

Here are 3 reasons why brands should take advantage of TIKTOK'S 'Effect House'

  1. TikTok was the most-visited website in the world in 2021 and now has over 1bn users.

  2. Opening up TikTok Effect House is an eye-ball-grabbing opportunity for brands. Early brand-adopters will almost certainly see the biggest reach before the effects go more mainstream.

  3. Virility of TikTok Effects are already hugely impressive with millions of views happening for each effect on an almost daily basis.

In six days my Trainspotter Cam Filters had 3.7 millions views and almost 500,000 plays.

TikTok AR Filters
TikTok AR Filters can get millions of views a day. Not kidding.

TikTok AR Filter Effects by Nike, Coca-Cola and Fanta
TikTok AR Filter Effects by Nike, Coca-Cola and Fanta

If you're a brand ready to explorer TikTok AR feel free to share your AR Idea with me at and I'll walk you through how we can make it real. AR Developers can download TikTok 'Effect House' from here.

How to make a custom TikTok effect for brands

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