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World fist Instgram AR Filter
Gloam bird logo.png

Hold a bird In the palm of your hand

The groundbreaking tactile AR Filter.

Pick up Gloam Bird to make him sing.  

Gloam Bird Instagram AR Filter

How Gloam Bird works

1. Scan the front of the plantable seed card

2. Catch Gloam Bird with your hand

3. Bring closer to hear him sing and change colour

4. Put Gloam Bird back down

Gloam bird logo.png

A bird in the hand... or two​

Six ways to pick up Gloam Bird [can you make it seven?]

The Catch!

The Two-Hander!

The Scoop!

The Back-Hander!

The Finger!

The Reach-Around!

Gloam Bird

500 printed on plantable seed card

Gloam Birds are printed on beautiful plantable seed card. Just add soil + water and watch it grow.

The striking artwork is designed by legendary artist
Scott Jones [Arctic Monkeys 'Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not' album artwork designer]

Goam Bird Instagram AR Filter
Goam Bird Instagram AR Filter
Goam Bird Instagram AR Filter
Waiting List
Goam Bird Instagram AR Filter

Pick up a Gloam Bird

Customisable AR Filters and artwork designed by Scott Jones and printed on seed card also available

Gloam Bird 
[1 x Eco Card
- not plantable]

Gloam Bird Eco Card

[inc. shipping]

Gloam Bird 
[1 x Seed Card
+ 1 x Eco Card]

Goam Bird Instagram AR Filter

[inc. shipping]

Customise your own AR Filter
[on seed card or not]

Your design
Your AR Filter idea
100 x Seed Cards


Our Branded AR Filters

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