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16 Brilliant Benefits of Branded AR Filters [in 2024]

Instagram AR Filters for brands, Lego, Adidas, Netflix, Amazon, Gucci, Sainsbury's and Nike

Hello! My name’s Paul and I make brilliant climate-positive AR Filters for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok. Brands we've worked with include the NBA, Beats by Dre, ESPN, Hitachi, Nissan, FIFA, Marks & Spencer, Gorillaz, Mclaren, various charities and music artists. You can try some of them at


The benefits of a brand creating its own AR Filter is now an undeniable opportunity to engage its audience at the deepest level. But if you're wondering why you keep seeing big brands like Netflix, Gucci, Lego, Adidas and H&M continue to create their own social AR experiences? Read on...

NBA and Beats By Dre teamed up to make a custom Instagram AR Filter
NBA and Beats By Dre teamed up to make a custom Instagram AR Filter

What is an AR Filter/Augmented Reality Filter?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience that allows us to put digital objects into a real-world environment. These effects can improve our perception of real-life entertainingly and educationally. AR Filters are social media's version of Augmented Reality. They're hyper-immersive, available on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat and can be custom-made, cost-effectively and quickly to however you wish. They're hugely engaging with some AR Filters getting billions of impressions.

Branded AR Filters
Nissan, NBA, M&S and Hitachi AR Filters

1. Augmented Reality is more engaging than video and video is HUGE!

There are over 1bn worldwide users on Instagram which makes it the biggest platform for branded Augmented Reality AR Filters. It's a colossal amount of eyeballs looking for engaging content. And research shows that people who use AR Filters use them on average for 75 seconds - 4X longer than mobile video.

What is AR Filter and benefits of brand augmented reality campaign advertising infographic best popular gloam paul raffaelli
Benefits of branded AR Filters infographic

2. Facebook and Instagram AR Ads are now here

It's well known that Facebook ads are an affordable means of reaching your target audience (£0.03/$0.04 per impression approx.) and driving brand awareness and online sales. You can already create AR Filters ads on Facebook which allow the user to use your AR Filter within their newsfeed. And on 16 September, Facebook announced Instagram AR Ads are also available.

£0.03p/$0.04 approx. to reach your target audience

How to upload an AR ad in Facebook Business Manager

3. Customers can 'Try Before They Buy'

AR Filters are getting more dynamic, and fast. Every two weeks or so, Facebook update their AR platform [Spark AR] and with it - new fancy features. This is why the 'Which Character Are you?' AR Filters made viral waves at the same time in late 2019. It was part of the new iteration of features made available to creators at the same time. Expect to see a lot more of these features coming and the first brands to use them have an advantageous headstart.

Example of a Try Before Your Buy AR ad on Facebook

4. 80% of users follow a brand on Instagram

Instagram users want to see more branded content. With 80% of users following a brand on the social networking app.

5. 60% Of Users regularly discover new products on Instagram

Social media is the go-to medium for people to discover new products from brands.

How to use AI and Substance Painter

6. Brilliant AR Filters are cheaper to create than you think

You don't need to blow your marketing budget on one AR Filter (unless you'd like to). Augmented Reality Filters are an inexpensive alternative to other media platforms as no specific media needs to be purchased. They can be made for as little as £1,000/$1,300.

AR Filters for Instagram

7. Instagram Stories are used by 500m people daily and AR Filters work great in Stories

8. Augmented Reality has a 70% better memory recall than non-ar content

According to Zappar, Augmented Reality experiences are uniquely memorable. What this means is that AR can be a compelling way to deliver information that is subsequently retained. This means advertisers and brands can achieve 70% higher levels of memory recall compared with non-AR such as video for any potential customers who use their Augmented Reality AR Filters.

9. You'll be in great company. Big brands are expected to spend a LOT more on AR and AR Filters.

Ad revenue in AR is projected to grow from $68 million in 2019 to $13 billion in 2023.

10. AR Filters Work In Facebook Messenger and Facebook Portal

Mark Zuckerberg believes in AR. At Facebook's CONNECT 2020 event, he announced AR Filters would work for users and brands within Messenger and Facebook Portal.

11. TikTok has opened up its AR platform 'Effect House' for brands and creators. And AR Filters work great in TikTok clone, Instagram Reels.

TikTok's follower growth has been immense. It launched in 2016 and now has over 800m users worldwide. One of the key factors is their creativity and ease of use of TikTok AR Filters. And it's caught the attention of Instagram. In August 2001 they launched Reels and Instagram's AR Filters are right there for anyone to use.

Learn how brands can create TikTok AR Filters here.

Best AR Agency

12. AR Filters are FASTER to create than you think

Depending on the level of detail you'd like in your AR Filter, delivery times can be as little as 1-10+ days. Subject to Facebook's publishing approval time which is 5 business days (some effects can be live in two hours). This makes them perfect for agile marketing and campaigns.

1-10+ days turnaround for an Instagram AR Filter

13. AR Filters can do more for your brand than you think

AR Filters are getting more dynamic, and fast. Every two weeks or so, Facebook's Spark AR update its platform and with it new fancy features. This is why the 'Which Character Are you?' AR Filters made viral waves at the same time in late 2019. It was part of the new iteration of features made available at once. Expect to see a lot more of these features coming and the first brands to use them have an advantageous headstart.

  • Front and back camera effects

  • Face Filters

  • Make-Up Filters

  • Add music and SFX

  • Make 3D and 2D objects react to audio

  • Add images and videos from your device to the effect

  • Mini-game AR Filters (Truth or Dare, Trivia Questions etc)

  • User interactions (open mouth, head shake, head nod, smile, blink and more)

  • Hand and image target-trackers

  • Try on products (hats, glasses etc)

  • Real-world effects (placing furniture)

  • Randomisers (Which Disney Character Am I?)

These are just some of the AR capabilities available to brands. And there will be a lot more.

14. SOME AR FilterS are still being used years later

Unlike other social content such as video, AR Filters don't have s shelf life. This means your AR Filter can live on well after the campaign. Some filters gain huge numbers years after they were first launched. And, if you need to update that AR Filter with your new logo or message, you can.

Augmented Reality for Brands
Augmented Reality for Brands

15. AR Is the PRESENT AND THE FUTURE of media and marketing

AR is here to stay. When the number of major brands using AR in marketing increases as rapidly as it has done in the past six months, you know that it is a technology that has finally come of age.

16. Brands have access to detailed analytics enabling them to truly understand their audience

AR Filters have the potential of millions of impressions and shares.

AR Filter Analytics
AR Filters come with detailed analytic dashboards


For every branded AR Filter we make for our clients, we plant five trees in Scotland. Read more about our climate-positive augmented reality partnership with the Future Forest Company at

Wrapping up

To wrap up. People want to use more immersive, fresh Augmented Reality Filters and brands have several platforms to choose from to create their own unique brand AR experience. It's an exciting time to be a social media AR brand; this is only the beginning.

If you’re still here, thanks for reading. And if you have any questions feel free to email me at

Cool brand AR Filters

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