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NBA Beats AR Filter Instagram


Pick your jersey, choose your track then hit the court.​.. anywhere.

Front and back-camera basketball game to promote the NBA's new partnership with Beats By Dre.

"It was a great pleasure to work with Paul on the NBA's new partnership with Beats By Dre. His AR knowledge is second to none and our clients are really pleased with the AR Filter."


Oscar Reynolds, Seven League 


Our Branded AR Filters

Tusk Logo
Parlophone Logo
Beat By Dre Logo
NBA Logo
Sony Music Logo
FIFA World Cup Qatar Logo
Charity Logo
Qatar Airways Logo

"Working with Paul on our ESPN AR Filter was an incredible experience! His expertise and quick turnaround made our filter a great success!"

Brad Ross, Senior Social Designer at ESPN

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Hold a bird in the palm of your hand

The groundbreaking tactile Augmented Reality Filter. Pick up Gloam Bird to make him sing. 

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Artist AR

Gorillaz Augmented Realty AR Logo


From-camera effect ro promote 'Cracker Island', the new album from Damon Albarn's band, Gorillaz.

Made for Parlophone Records.

Hitachi AR Filter


Four interactive experiences to showcase Hitachi's worldwide electric rail system.


Made for Facebook and Instagram.

Tap a hotspot to trigger one of 12 animations and audio.

Back-camera AR

3D modelling AR

ESPN Victory Goggles AR


Congratulate the Golden State Warriors, NBA Champions 2022.

Everything digitally handmade from scratch... including the Victory Goggles and the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy modelled in 3D software Blender.

Team reflection in the Goggles

Tap to reveal the animated trophy

Charity Augmented Reality


Seven endangered African animals, all 3D and each with their own unique interaction.

Produced for the charity Tusk.

"Paul's AR Filter created a real buzz on the Tusk social channels. Smooth process, beautifully executed!"

Teresa Croock

Teresa Crook,

Director at Shelton Fleming

Randomiser AR

Snapchat Lens

Nissan white logo


Classic 8-Bit platform game for Nissan's new all-electric 'Ariya' car. 

Made for ESPN and Nissan.

Blink to avoid the flags and to collect the footballs 

Five different background worlds

FIFA Qatar World Cup Augmented Reality


Campaign to mark 200 days until the World Cup in Qatar.

Made for Instagram.

Blink when the altimeter gets to 200 to win.

Mini-game AR

Text-scrolling AR


Limitless motion graphic effect to promote basketball in cities around the world.

Made for Facebook and Instagram.

Drag the on-screen slider to adjust the speed and colours.



30 seconds, 40 basketballs, one hoop. Classic arcade-style basketball game.

Produced for ESPN to promote the college basketball playoffs.

Made for Instagram.

Mini-game AR

Facebook AR

Charity AR Filter


This Facebook-only AR Filter allowed the Roy Castle Lung Foundation to take their annual Halloween event virtual.



Four super fun scenes in one filter, each with its own interaction and immersive 360° background.

Made for Facebook.


"Paul made an amazing filter for our charity, we'll definitely be back for another one."

Jenny Lloyd, Roy Castle Lung Foundation

Changi g Faces White.png


Changing Faces is the UK charity for people who look different. We made a fun face-tracking AR Filter which proudly put their champions front & centre.

Made for Facebook and Instagram.

Face-tracking AR

Particles AR


Blur the boundaries of reality with AR.

Made for Instagram.

Open your mouth to start the Flour Fight 

Shake your head to remove the flour 

Colour graded with realistic background blur

Lens Flare SQUARE icon.png


Have fun with the new hand-tracking feature for Instagram AR Filters.

Raise your hand

Move your head

Or squint to block the sun

Tap to remove the sunglasses 


Hand-tracking AR

AR physics


Make a colour explosion with AR physics.  


Made for Instagram. 

Shake your head to wiggle your woolly hat

Open your mouth for frosty breath

AR Filters

Bring fans closer to their favourite artist with AR

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'Try Before You Buy'
AR Filters

Use AR to help customers make purchasing decisions. This 'Pictures on Walls' Filter boosted sales with Facebook AR Ads.

Back-Camera AR Filters

Bring objects to life with real-world and surface-tracking augmented reality

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Randomiser AR Filters

Embed gameplay elements, such as 'randomisers' to add deeper user engagement

Mini-Game AR Filters

Create fun games with player interactions and scores 

Weird & Wonderful AR Filters

AR Filters can be as weird & wonderful as you like

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