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"Paul and Poplar Studio produced an amazing filter for our charity. We'll definitely be back for another one."

Jenny Lloyd, Fundraising Manager at The Roy Castle Lung Foundation 

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AR Filters for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat

Get next-level engagement with Real-World and Face-Tracking AR Filters. Any brand. Any device. All in beautiful HD.

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NBA Beats AR Filter Instagram

Pick your jersey, choose your track then hit the court.​.. anywhere.

Front and back camera basketball game Instagram filter to promote the NBA's new partnership with Beats.

NBA Beats AR Filter Instagram

'Game Night' dark mode

Turn your phone landscape or upside down 

for 'Game Night' dark mode

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NBA Beats AR Filter Instagram


Seven endangered African animals, all 3D and each with their own unique interaction⠀

Produced for the charity Tusk


Made for Instagram and Facebook 

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Make a colour explosion with AR physics  


 Shake your head to wiggle your woolly hat⠀
Open your mouth for frosty breath


Made for Instagram 

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Multiple AR Filters In One

Create multiple scenes in your effect. This Spooky Welly Walk Facebook Filter made for the Roy Castle Lung Foundation has four scenes in one. And immersive 360° backgrounds. 


Artist AR Filters

Bring fans closer to their favourite artist with AR

Face-Tracking AR Filters

Use face-tracking and face filters to bring a community together and spread your message far and wide

Real-World AR Filters

Bring objects to life with real-world and surface-tracking augmented reality

'Try Before You Buy'
AR Filters

Use AR to help customers make purchasing decisions. This 'Pictures on Walls' Filter boosted sales with Facebook AR Ads.

Mini-Game AR Filters

Create fun games with player interactions and scores 

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Which Instagram AR Filter is right for your brand?

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SIngalong to the greatest power ballad of all time 'Africa' by Toto 

Tap to change into your Safari costume and transport yourself to the plains of the Serengeti


Made for Instagram 

AR Agency Instagram Filter Bestl Creators

Your AR Filter Insights

Easy AR Filter performance tracking dashboard. 
Boost your effect with paid ads and deploy pixels to track conversions.  

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Interactive AR Filters

Embed gameplay elements, such as 'randomizers' to add deeper user engagement

Audible AR Filters

Add sound effects and music to your AR effect

Event AR Filters

Create AR Filters for your events. The rainbow in this 'Pride Vibes' Filter moves with the user and the beat of the music.

Clone AR Filters

In this 'Concert Bounce' Filter the user is cloned and bounces in time with the music 

Light AR Filters

AR Filters can be manipulated to create cool lighting effects

AR Filters can be as weird & wonderful as you like

Weird & Wonderful AR Filters


Flour Fight Image square.png


Blur the boundaries of reality with AR

✚ Open your mouth to start the Flour Fight 

✚ Shake your head to remove the flour 

Made for Instagram

AR Agency Instagram Filter Best Creators


Bring fans closer to their favourite artist with AR 


This Beatles Inspector Filter uses the back camera and a 3D 360 Bubble Portal to see what it was like (possibly) when the iconic album cover was photographed 


It has an animation sequence and uses device motion so the user can see more when they move the device 

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AR Agency Instagra Filter Best Creators

Support people who look different with the #ILoveFaceEquality🦋 filter, made for the charity Changing Faces

AR Agency Instagra Filter Best Creators

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