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Get 4X more engagement than video with the world's first climate-positive Augmented Reality Filters

From £999| Entire 3D production pipeline

1 - 3 weeks | Measurable results

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Hold a bird in the palm of your hand

The interactive tactile AR Filter. Pick up Gloam Bird to make him sing. #GloamBird


AR Filters

Bring fans closer to their favourite artist with AR

Music Artist Instagram AR Filters

Face-Tracking AR Filters

Use face-tracking and face filters to bring a community together and spread your message far and wide

Back-Camera AR Filters

Bring objects to life with real-world and surface-tracking augmented reality

Try Plant A Tiny Tree

'Try Before You Buy'
AR Filters

Use AR to help customers make purchasing decisions. This 'Pictures on Walls' Filter boosted sales with Facebook AR Ads.

Mini-Game AR Filters

Create fun games with player interactions and scores 

Randomiser AR Filters

Embed gameplay elements, such as 'randomisers' to add deeper user engagement

AR Filters can be as weird & wonderful as you like

Weird & Wonderful AR Filters

Flour Fight Image square.png


Blur the boundaries of reality with AR

+ Open your mouth to start the Flour Fight 

+ Shake your head to remove the flour 

Made for Instagram

AR Agency Instagram Filter Best Creators
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New Spark AR Features_edited_edited_edit


Colour Portrait

Neck Decoration

Audio Visualizer

Real-Scale World Object


Head Decoration

3D Animated Poster

Hair Colour


Ask about the latest augmented reality capabilities 

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AR Filters that  keep growing 

Book us for your next  campaign and we'll  plant FIVE TREES and make you the world's  first climate-positive AR Filter 

Carbon-positive agency
Carbon-positive agency

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